Emily Quach

S&S Girl Diaries: Emily Quach

Introducing S&S Girl Diaries. Designed to showcase Scarlet & Sam girls around the world, we interview the women whose unique style and creativity inspire us. Each month, we feature a new Scarlet & Sam girl from a different city, sharing their perspectives, most coveted products and style edit.

This month, we welcome Emily! A Fashion Designer and Buyer in Paris, Emily is Vietnamese, was born and raised in Australia and is now living in Paris, France.

1. What is your ride or die skincare product?

My LED light face mask is my holy grail. At the beginning of the year I was getting a lot of breakouts in the lower half of my face. The LED mask has helped so much with my acne scars, pigmentation and overall skin texture. The blue light helped so much with reducing and preventing spots. Now, I use the red light for scarring and anti-aging. It’s also so easy to use while you’re in bed watching a movie or scrolling. 

2. What’s your best thrift find?

Living in Paris I find sooo many amazing pieces every weekend but my most worn is a vintage Bottega Hobo Bag I found on Vestiaire. I have been wearing this everyday for almost a year now. 

But my most exciting find was a vintage Bottega Intercciato trimmed maxi tote.  I found it at a charity store in the countryside of France for 20euro. I wasn’t sure it was real so I took it to get authenticated. When they confirmed its authenticity I was absolutely over the moon at the price I got it for. 

3. What is your death row meal?

I need a bit of everything for my last meal. It's a tie between my mom's Pho and a Nobu sushi platter as my main - probably both. A side of animal style fries from In and Out. Hoyts Diet Coke as my drink and to finish it off cheesecake from Hotel Costes Paris for dessert. 

4. What colour or pattern Scrunched Shirt should we release next?

A neutral but random striped colour combo like a chocolate with deep red pinstripe would be so fun. Or a light grey for the perfect transeasonal everyday neutral. 

Ideally we need you to make them in every colour. 

5. What is your favourite Scarlet & Sam piece?

At the moment the juicy wedges and the charcoal scrunched shirt are in my weekly rotation. So comfy and easy to mix with my current wardrobe, I also get so many questions from people when I wear them out. But, I have my notifications set to get the capsule bomber when it restocks and I can’t wait to wear this all autumn and winter. 

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