About Us

Founded by Scarlet Robertson in 2021, Scarlet & Sam emerged from a serendipitous moment when a commissioned crochet top for Scarlet’s birthday quickly gained popularity, sparking the creation of the brand.

In mid-2023, Scarlet & Sam experienced a renaissance, expanding beyond the original crochet collection to introduce iconic pieces such as the Scrunched Shirt, Capsule Bomber, and Juicy Wedge.

Drawing inspiration from her previous vintage label, Scarlet blends contemporary styles with her love for vintage to create coveted capsule pieces. The common elements among all Scarlet & Sam designs are high-quality fabrications, the perfect final fit, and the embodiment of confidence.

With a thoughtful and intentional design process, Scarlet envisions every piece as a long-term addition to her own wardrobe, and hopes these pieces make their way into the capsule collections of others.

Thank you for being part of our ever-evolving journey. There’s so much more to come!